Funk: HotSpotSendeAntennen

Am Helitron DV4mini und am SharkRF OpenSpot habe ich nun diese Antennenzæpfchen. Bei kleinster Sendeleistung TopPerformance, d.h. kein schwerwiegenden Einbußen bzgl dBm und Optik. 🙂 Dazu der gnadenlose Preis.

Am DV4mini vertikal und am OpenSpot horizontal montiert, machen sie doch das,was sie sollen, sehr gut!

KAUPHEN: https://www.ebay.de/itm/263369857084



Funk: Der DV4mini – Wie geht das!


die wohl umfassendste und verständlichste dv4mini-anleitung im www. ❤


Afu: DV4mini an Raspberry Pi 2

Læuft. Installation durch Funkfreund Mathias (DL4LBY), funktioniert tadellos auf C4FM und DMR. 🙂



03.05.2015 – fyi: DB0DMB (-B\-C)

from: http://www.qrz.com/db/DB0EAT

Laboe (near Kiel):

DB0DMB-B – 70cm Full Duplex   DB0DMB-C – 2m Full Duplex on 145.5875 MHz –  

  • 438.325 MHz Shift -7,6 MHz – Full duplex (DB0DMB-B), Channel RU666
  • 145.5875 MHz Shift -0,6 MHz – Full duplex (DB0DMB-C), Channel RV47
  • Qth: JO54cj in Laboe, 10 miles north-east of Kiel – antenna is 290 foot (87m) above sea level
  • Thanks to „Deutscher Marine Bund“ this location on top of Memorial „Marine Ehrenmal“ got approved already in February 2013 – Mode „B“ started operation on May 8th 2013
  • EIRP = 15W (both bands)
  • No ircDDB due to LTE connection
  • Coverage: up to 40 miles – depending on direction (average +30 miles)
  • Antenna is Diamond X-30 (Dual Band) from November 2014. The antenna is mounted on the easternmost corner of the metal cage overlooking the terrain 360 degrees – standing fully free
  • Elevation is nearly 290 foot (87m) above sea level
  • LTE-internet link with outdoor antenna (Speed >25 MBit up and down) – Provider Vodafone. The modem is a „Dovado Tiny“ in combination with K5005H, providing additional SMS control, router functionality and WiFi.
  • Duplexer is Huber + Suhner – see also pictures below. This filter has 0,5 dB insertion loss and 110 dB cross isolation – for 2m we use a 6 chamber Kathrein duplexer. Insertion loss is roughly 0,85 dB, cross isolation is 100 dB (RX to TX)
  • Diplexer is a professional Procom-version
  • 70cm: TX and RX are 2 x GM1200 (Motorola) with „HA8ET“ Pre-Amplifier.
  • 2m: TX is FT-7900 and RX is Alinco DR135MKIII with „HA8E
  • Bandwidth 6,25 KHz, 12,5 KHz for optional C4FM approved as well on both bands!
  • T“ Pre-Amplifier.
  • The repeaters are hosted in a room underneath the visitor platform within the memorial – owned by E Plus Group (nowadays O2)
  • E-Plus Group approved the location on March 7th 2013 and offered me space – first E-Plus site inspection was on March 25th 2013. The room has plenty of space and is fully air conditioned – antenna cable length is just 33 feet.
  • The license of DB0DMB (both modes) got issued on May 23rd 2013
  • 2 x Fujitsu Siemens „Futro A-250“ thin client as internet and 9K6 gateway (Client / Server configuration) – each with 4GB CF card and 1 GB RAM. Operating system is Windows XP Pro. Autostart after unexpected power downs, internet watchdog.