18.07.2013 – reblogged: What’s the best Chinese dual-band HT?

funkfreunde, kauft euch was in china. guenstig und gut. und die auswahl von hans kann ich insofern unterstuetzen, als das ich bereits 3\4 der genannten geræte selbst habe\hatte. 🙂

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This simple question is asked a lot. The answer isn’t that simple. Most radios I reviewed had something they were really good at, but producing a radio which ticks all the right boxes is not easy. What is important to you? Anything you want me to add?

Best battery life

  1. Quansheng TG-UV2. Keeps on going. Battery is rated 2000 mAh @ 7.4V.
  2. Baofeng UV-5R. Rated at 1800 mAh @7.4V and a real stayer.
  3. iRadio UV-588. Also 1800 mAH @ 7.4V and almost equal to the Baofeng UV-5R.

Best receiver

  1. Wouxun KG-UVD1P/2P/6P. Good front ends, no intermod.
  2. Quansheng TG-UV2. Could as well share the #1 spot, difficult to decide.
  3. Baofeng UV-B5 / UV-B6. A notch below the #1 and #2, but only just.

Best TX Audio

  1. Baofeng UV-3R. One of the few things this radio is good at. Loud, bright, and everybody loves it.
  2. Baofeng UV-B5 / UV-B6. On par with…

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